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12 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Book Lovers

This Valentine’s Day, forget the bouquet of chocolates and flowers. Skip the generic gestures and make the day of your book-loving partner special with thoughtful gifts that will warm their heart.

Whether you’re seeking to spark romance for your literary beloved or pamper the bibliophile in your life, this post uncovers the best Valentine’s gifts for book lovers. 

From unique first editions to cozy bookish treats and a specially planned outing or activity, as a crazy romance reader, I have listed some special somethings that you can gift or plan out for your partner. 

As a single person, I find Valentine’s Day a cliche. But honestly, I would love to receive some heart tokens, haha. I don’t have a boyfriend or a partner yet, but I sure am jotting down these ideas for him.

Here are some Valentine’s Gift Ideas other than books – 

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Book Subscription Boxes

Gift your book-loving partner or friend a subscription to book boxes based on their favorite genre. Several book box services feature either a couple of paperbacks with bookish treats or special edition books. 

With subscription offers for a month, quarter or a year, get them surprise book boxes delivered to their doorstep. 

Do they read romance? Check out my post on romance book subscription box.

Bookish Jewelries

How about creating a gift box with a collection of bookish jewelry

Get them a pair of earrings,  a necklace or a pendant, and a ring to complete the set. 

We, booklovers, love flaunting our love for reading. Pair these with something from the below ideas and you have a nice set of bookish gifts.

Bookish Accessories

Bookish Sleeves

There are a lot of Bookish Accessories that will help make reading fun and easy. There are never enough book accessories to collect and hoard! 

Create a gift box with a set of bookish sleeves, quirky bookmarks, a book light (if they love to read at night), or a reading pillow.

You can add this to your box of bookish jewelry to create an assortment!

Reading Journals

There are plenty of reading or book journals customized specially for book lovers to track their reading, their reading habits, set a goal, and so on. 

It’s a perfect gift for organized book lovers who love to keep track of things. 

I also found a new journal on Amazon, a Story Interactive Journal for couples to write their own story. You can check that out!

Book Subscriptions/Memberships

Get your partner a subscription to their favorite book services. 

Do they love reading ebooks? Get them a Scribd or Kindle Unlimited Subscription. (Click on the link to learn more about KU!)

Are they audiobook listeners? Get them an Audible membership. 

Bookish Outfits

As I mentioned earlier, Bookworms will take all the opportunities to flaunt their love for books! Why not gift the bibliophile in your life some bookish outfits along with the accessories? 

Think of – Sweatshirts, Jackets, and T-shirts, that have reading quotes printed on them. Pair them with some accessories and you have a set!

E-readers and Accessories

Fuel your bookworm’s reading with a brand-new eReader! When it comes to eReaders, Kindle is a good choice as they are specially made for readers with all the right minimal features. 

Along with an eReader, add some accessories like a back cover and stickers so they can add their personal touch on the device. 

Looking for the best Kindle choices? I have a post on the best Kindle for reading

Book-themed Bags

Bookish Bags are another best way to pair style with literary love. 

Along with the outfit or accessories, add a book tote bag or clutch and complete the outfit. 

Book-themed Mugs

The ideal day for any reader is to have a warm cup of hot (or cold) beverage, their favorite book (or a new book), and stormy weather outside. Then there are us, sitting in the room, facing the window, and taking it all in. 

Doesn’t it make a pretty picture and just fit your book loving partner?

Get them and yourself a matching bookish mugs!

Bookish Candles

Another thing that bookworms love is the scent of the books – both old and new. 

Get them a set of book-themed candles, specially created for readers.

Library Embossers

One of the unique things you can gift a bookworm is Library Embossers​. 

We love collecting books and dream of creating our own library. Having a customized book stamp or embosser is just going to make the hobby of buying books more fun. 

Ask them if they ever had the thought of naming their library, and buy a personalized embosser for them. 

Experiences for the Soul

How about instead of a bookish gift, you make a plan for the entire day and take them out on a bookish date? Here are some ideas for you: 

  1. Book Store Date: If your book-loving partner has been thinking of buying some new books, take them out to a bookstore and get them books, have lunch or dinner at a restaurant, and take a stroll around town. 
  2. Create and decorate a book nook: Transform a corner of their room (their bedroom or your living room) into a cozy book nook with a chair, fairy lights, and book-themed decor. 
  3. Literary Landmark Tours: Do you know of any places nearby that are literary landmarks? For example: A place where a scene of Harry Potter was shot, or where the author got their inspiration from? Make a weekend getaway plan!

These are some unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for book lovers to drive your creative gift-giving mind. 

Make Valentine’s Day special for your loved one with some trendy thoughtful gifts. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but just something that lets them know you think of them!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

However, before I put a full stop to this post, if you’re wondering…

How to choose the right Valentine's Gift for Book Lovers?

You would think choosing gifts for a book lover would be easy – just get a book from their wishlist and it’s a done deal. 

However, a gift – be it Valentine’s Day or any other occasion – is perfect when you put some thought into it and think a little out of the box.

  1. Think of the gift in advance: Are they on the lookout for something? Do they have an eye on a special edition or do they want to go out book-shopping?
  2.  Consider their reading habits: Do they read paperbacks or prefer ebooks? Do they like to read outside or in the house? Can you facilitate their reading with your gift?
  3. Think Beyond the Pages: Do you gift them books, or do you want to do something special or different instead? 
Hope this helps!
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