Review Policy

Thank you for considering me to review your book! For Business Purpose, please visit the Contact Page.

You can fill out the form at the bottom of the page after you read all these tiny details. Don’t worry, I won’t bore your pants off, but this is important! Here we go –

What is my rating system and what goes on the Blog?

I would love this website to have positive vibes. I’ll post only reviews of those books I have rated 3 stars and up. The same goes for Instagram.

I am honest about the books I read. If I don’t like it, regardless of it being an ARC or a freebie, I will rate and write what I feel about it. I am not cruel though, and I DETEST slandering. I will point out what worked/didn’t work for me.

Where will I post the reviews?

– Goodreads
– Amazon
– Bookstagram (If I LOVE the book)
– Website (If I LOVE the book)

What are the Genres I read?

Forever She Reads is a Romance Book Blog, so any book I read has some element of Romance in it. I enjoy Slow Burning Romance too (so if the characters get together after the 80% mark; it is fine, as long as the flow is well-executed)

Here are the genres I accept:

– Contemporary Romance
– Paranormal/Urban Fantasy/Sci-Fi Romance
– Slow Burn Romance
– New Adult Romance
– Dark Romance (This depends, I don’t read the real depraved romance, I’m being vague, I know. But sometimes I can’t just read the angst if you get my drift?)
– Reverse Harem Romance
– Bully Romance (Again, this one has to have a strong heroine. I don’t do heroes that bully just because. I have to know their motivations behind it.)
– Romantic Suspense
– Erotic Romance

Note – No cheating. No other woman/man drama. No F/F or M/M unless it’s an RH book. Non-con and Dub-con are okay. Please have a HEA at the end of the book/series because I will haunt your ass if there isn’t any. In case it is an ongoing series and I haven’t read the previous books, please provide a copy of those.

What should the format be?

TBH, I would LOVE to have a physical copy, because it is so fun having books and creating different stacks and posting a photo on Instagram.

I’ll accept eBooks in .mobi or .epub format.

No audiobooks. I have tried reading some, but I always get distracted by other stuff.

Blog Tours/Blitz/Interviews

Honestly? Never done those. But if you will help me understand what goes in it, then I would love to take part! I’ll post any promo materials you have on my Instagram Story.

Right, that’s about it for now!

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