My Top Picks: The Best Books by Rina Kent

Are you diving into the world of Rinaverse and looking for some of the best Rina Kent books? Well, I have read a lot of them by her, and I will be listing down some of my favorites that you can take a look at!

She is one of my go-to authors whenever I am in the mood for unhinged heroes, completely obsessive and possessive over their heroines, and have no moral compass.

I found some of her stories addictive and thrilling, the suspense about a hero’s motive and the strength of the heroine fighting against him, despite the mutual attraction and chemistry. These are the tropes I love, and well, I gobble them all up, haha!

Although I have to point out that many of her heroes sound the same if you binge-read them, so it’s better not to read them all together.

The Royal Elite Series: Aiden and Elsa's Trilogy

Deviant King by Rina Kent (Royal Elite series)

One of the best books by Rina Kent (for me) is Deviant King, the first in the Royal Elite Series, which started the beloved Rinaverse everyone’s all hyped up about.

It’s a Dark High School Bully Romance, following Aiden King and Elsa Quinn. Aiden is one of the popular boys in the Royal Elite and Elsa’s the new girl. When he sees Elsa for the first time, he sets himself in her path aiming to destroy her for an unknown reason – which is later revealed in the other books.

I loved the pacing and the characters; Aiden is dark and a devious bully, but Elsa tries to be strong enough to fight back. There’s suspense and some past connections and revelations that will hook you.

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The Deception Trilogy: Adrian and Lia

Vow of Deception by Rina Kent

Out of all her books, I think The Deception Trilogy is the best-written one. The series is a Dark Russian Mafia Romance, with forced proximity, an anti-hero with no guilty conscience, and a heroine captured in his clutches.

The series is rife with suspense right from the beginning, and I’d recommend you go in completely blind because the spoilers will ruin the suspense and you’ll miss out on the thrill and darkness. There is a complex layer of secrets and mystery.

Adrian is an anti-hero you’ll love to hate, his controlling demeanor will push you away, and simultaneously lure you in. You’ll feel for the heroine and root for her every second.

PS – If you asked me my favorite Rina Kent heroes, I wouldn’t be able to choose between Aiden and Adrian.

God of Malice (Legacy of Gods Series #1)

God of Malice by Rina Kent

The Legacy of Gods series features the kids of the mafia and the Royal Elite series. All the kids of the OG Rina characters attend a fictional college seemingly created for the elite people.

Similar to Untouchable by Sam Mariano, GoM is the first book in this series and is a Dark Bully New Adult Romance. This one is the romance story of Glyndon King (OG: Cruel King) and Killian Carson (OG: Lies & Truths Duet).

Killian (like other RK heroes) is a psychopath with an antisocial personality. He doesn’t feel much emotion except for when he is with Glyndon. He develops an unhealthy obsession with her, stalks her, and wants her to be with him.

It is more of a character-driven romantic plot and not much to the storyline except the enmity between the Royal Elite and the Mafia kids. I loved the book though, even if I hated Killian, but Glyndon is the perfect match for him and loves him despite his unusual tendencies.

God of Fury (Legacy of Gods Series #5)

god of fury by rina kent - legacy of gods series

If you follow the LoG series, you’ll see a lot of glimpses of Nikolai Sokolov and Brandon King. With all those tidbits floating around in the previous books, reading GoF felt like a coming home thing, finally getting the couple I was impatiently waiting for.

This is Rina’s first MM romance (and my first MM romance read), and I really loved it.

Again, the book is more focused on the characters and their romance. You’ll love to love Nikolai. He knows what he wants and he’ll pursue it wholeheartedly – which is Brandon in this case. Brandon King is such a complicated character. You don’t really see him much in the previous books, and I loved seeing all his depths.

Both are different and yet mesh together so beautifully. They have their struggles, and seeing them support one another is just wholesome.

I re-read these books often whenever I am in a slump, and they haven’t bored me at all. All these heroes are psychos written well with a strong heroine to match them.

Which Rina Kent book is the best?

Well, out of my favorites, if I had to recommend just one series, and if you liked all the dark romance tropes, I’d recommend The Deception Trilogy. It has the most intricate plot, intense characters, and addictive romance. For me, it’s the best series of Rina Kent so far.

Of course, there are books and series that I haven’t read or rated 2 stars, but Rina Kent is still a go-to author for me because I love the tropes she writes and has nailed it in some of her books.

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