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11 Best Romance Book Subscription Boxes [2024]

One of the best things in the world for romance book lovers like us is to find a book box full of bookish goodies and the selected book of the month in our mailbox. It’s like a gift for surviving the month. 

Are you looking to treat yourself to some bookish merchandise and perhaps a mystery romance book or two to cozy up to during the weekends? A romance book subscription box is the best option to go for. 

But wait…

What is a Romance Book Subscription Box?

A Book Subscription Box is a package service that offers a curated selection of books – it can be like a Book of the Month, a special hardcover or paperbacks, or regular books with bookish goodies and merchandise. 

Romance Book Boxes are perfect for romance readers who love to collect books and enjoy surprise gift-like boxes being delivered to their doorstep. 

How to choose the right Romance Book Box Subscription?

There are a few important factors that you can consider while selecting a book box: 

  • Reviews and Recommendations: Check out your fellow bookworms’ reviews and recommendations regarding the book box that intrigues you. If they have all good things to say about it, you know you can bet on it!
  • Genre Selection: What are the genres you usually read? Make sure you check for the subscription box that caters to specific genres in Romance. 
  • Budget: Have a price point in mind. There are book boxes available for different budgets. 
  • Type of Books: Different book boxes offer special edition books, regular paperbacks, and hardcovers, which you can pick from based on your wants. 
  • Bookish Goodies: Several book boxes offer bookish goodies along with the books. 
  • Frequency: How frequently would you love the book box to be delivered to you? 

Why a Romance Book Subscription Box

  • You need a gift to give to your book-addict best friend or family. (Need more gift ideas? Check out my blog – best gifts for book lovers)
  • You love the idea of a book box delivered to your doorstep as a gift to yourself. 
  • You want to collect special hardcovers or limited edition paperbacks. 
  • You want to try new authors in your favorite genres. 

Popular Romance Book Subscription Box

Table of Contents

Romance Reveal Book Box

Reveal Book Box delivers signed books to your door each month, based on your reading preferences. Their specialty is the customized book box created based on your favorite tropes selected at the time of subscription. 

What do they offer?

  • The Original BoxTwo surprise signed books per month, plus bookish swag & other goodies at $26.95/mo.
  • The Big BoxFour surprise signed books per month, plus bookish swag & other goodies at $43.95/mo.
  • The Bigger BoxSix surprise signed books per month, plus bookish swag & other goodies at $65.95/mo.

Genres: Romance

Recommended for: Romance readers who want to get surprise books and try new authors.

Shipping: International Shipping Unavailable.

Dark Heart Romance Book Box

Dark Heart Romance is a dark romance book subscription box that will satisfy your dark heart monthly. Receive signed copies by your favorite dark romance author, exclusive swag, and yummy treats.

They give you a wide selection of USA Today, Amazon, and international bestselling authors.

What do they offer?

  • Monthly or Quarterly Boxes: These boxes contain special edition books and bookish goodies like art prints and bookmarks. This ranges from $49.00 – $555.00
  • One-Time Purchase: A single paperback ranging from $16 to $20 or a Mystery Book Box with signed books and book swags. 

Genres: Dark Romance

Recommended for: Readers who love the genre or want to gift this to a Dark Romance reader. 

Shipping: Ships everywhere. Can get expensive. 

Belle Book Box

The Belle Box is a bi-monthly subscription service featuring romance, coming-of-age, or contemporary women’s fiction novels.

It is a sister book box of The Mystic Box and The Arcane Society (More on that below).

What do they offer?

Two exclusive edition hardcover signed romance books every 2 months 

Genres: The sweeter side of Romance

Recommended for: Anyone who is interested in reading romance books, loves hardcovers, and is open to exploring new authors. 

Mystic Box

Mystic Box is a fantastic bi-monthly subscription box service that delivers signed exclusive hardcover editions of your favorite dark, mafia, taboo, or erotic romance books AND fun and one-of-a-kind book swag goodies.

What do they offer?

Each box contains exclusive hardcover editions with bookish items for $64.99 plus shipping.

Genres: Dark Romance, Mafia, Taboo and Erotic Romance

Recommended for: The Dark Romance readers who are open to exploring the darker side of romance, and love collecting exclusive hardcovers. 

ShippingShip internationally to select countries.

Arcane Society Box

The Arcane Society is an exclusive book club for Adult Fantasy and Paranormal Romance readers. 

What do they offer?

By joining The Arcane Society, you will receive two exclusive editions of books from best-selling fantasy and paranormal romance authors bi-monthly. The books you receive are not available anywhere else. Along with your books, you’ll also enjoy exclusive artwork and items related to the book.

The cost of membership is $59.99 plus shipping. 

Genres: Adult fantasy and paranormal romance

Recommended for: The lovers of this genre and collectors of exclusive special editions of paranormal romances.

ShippingCharged based on your location.

Hello Lovely Book Box

Hello Lovely is a bookish box and shop! They focus on romance novels and self-care in all forms.

What do they offer?

‘Trope of the Month’ Monthly Book Box filled with a signed exclusive limited edition paperback and one small related bookish item (sticker, art print, bookmark, etc.) and costs $34.99 plus shipping. 

They also offer regular and seasonal book boxes featuring different authors.

Genres: Romance

Recommended for: Romance readers who want to explore different tropes and new authors in the Romance genre. 

Shipping: International Shipping Available.

Fabled Co Book Box

Fabled Co produces limited edition books and Subscription Boxes.

What do they offer?

They have three subscription choices:

  • Fabled Twilight Box: This is the Fantasy Romance subscription box. This box costs AUD 48.00 plus shipping.
  • Fabled Nights Box: Adult Romance Book Subscription Box from contemporary to fantasy to dark romance containing an exciting newly released or first edition book. This box costs AUD 48.00 plus shipping.
  • Fabled Duet Box: This subscription includes both of the above boxes. The duet costs AUD 82.00 plus shipping.

Genres: Romance

Recommended for: People who love romances and want to collect the special/limited edition books of their favorite romance authors. 

Shipping: International Shipping Available.

Afterlight Romance by Illumicrate

The Afterlight subscription is a monthly romance book-only subscription box by Illumicrate, a popular book subscription service.

What do they offer?

Each Afterlight box includes a newly released adult romance book in special edition hardback, alongside exclusive character artwork and an author letter costing £20.00 plus shipping.

Genres: Romance

Recommended for: The romance book lovers.

Shipping: International Shipping Available. 

Cover to Cover Book Box

Cover to Cover Book Box is a book subscription box that offers unique and exclusive covers.

What do they offer?

Two different subscription boxes: 

  • Spotlight – Subscription: This box is perfect for those individuals wanting just one book a month. Costs $39.99.
  • Featured – Subscription: Perfect for individuals who would like two books per month by two different authors. Costs $69.99.

Genres: Romance

Recommended for: Those who love romance books with pretty covers.

Shipping: International Shipping Available. 

The Bookish Box

The Bookish Box and The Darkly Box are monthly literary subscriptions. They send out exclusive edition of a book and themed bookish items. They partner with incredible artists to create bookish items inspired by their theme of the month.

What do they offer?

Two different subscription boxes: 

  • The Bookish Box: Features New Adult or upper YA Romantasy Books with mature themes. 
  • The Darkly Box: This is an adult romance-forward box, featuring all sub-genres of romance including romantasy, contemporary romance, dark romance and more.
Their book-only subscription boxes start at $38.00

Genres: Romance

Recommended for: For people who love romance and collect bookish themed items.

Shipping: International Shipping Available. 

The Steam Box

The Steam Box is a Romance book subscription offered by Steamy Lit Bookstore. Their book subscription service features romance books written by women of color and LGBTQ+ authors paired with specially curated items that celebrate self-love & embrace your sexuality.

What do they offer?

They offer book subscriptions with all the goodies or only books, depending on what you like!

Their Quarterly Subscription starts from $55.00 every three months.

Genres: Romance

Recommended for: Romance Lovers who love steam and want to embrace their sexuality.

Shipping: International Shipping Available. 

Hope this list of romance book subscription boxes helps you choose the right one for you!

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