My 2024 New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year Everyone!

If I had to summarize my 2023, I would say that it was one of the challenging years I have had in my life so far.

In terms of my professional life, there were a lot of positive highlights: leading a team and two projects on my own with the support of my senior, becoming better at client communication and developing confidence, and overall able to deal with people on different hierarchy. However, there were a lot of downsides which lead to me quitting my job in December. The toxicity and favoritism, the avoidance of work and lack of support. My friends assure me it’s the same everywhere and I hope it isn’t. Why can’t humans be… humans?

My personal life, I cannot really remember what I did haha, but after I quit my job, my parents and I went on family trip to Kerala (a state in South India, and my mom’s native place). It was the most fun I had in this year and now a part of my core memory. Due to work, I had to cut down my time on the blogging stuff. I became pretty inactive on Bookstagram and hardly posted any new blogs.

Kerala alleppey
Alleppey, Kerala

Reflecting on all the things I did and didn’t do in 2023, I have decided to work only on those things that has always been my goal.

My resolution isn’t about starting right on the first day or first month or any fixed date. It’s just a promise to myself that I need to do these things this year (before it’s too late and I regret the lost time), for myself, in order to develop and grow into what and where I want to be.

And with the ‘Marriage’ thing going around for the single girls like me who’re reaching 30, I gotta ensure that I work on these goals right away LOL.

Okay, so here’s what I want to do this year. This is my 2024 Resolution and I seriously hope that I am able to do them.

Personal Resolutions (Blog and Writing)

1. To be active on socials atleast thrice a week: Plan posts and stories, engage with people, deliver good content, gain new relevant followers.

2. To plan and write blogs on the website for an hour everyday or 15 minutes everyday (once you’re employed again).

3. To finally work on poems and share them online.

Personal Resolutions (Health)

1. Start working-out minimum 10 minutes a day.

2. Walk outside for a minimum of 15 minutes everyday.

3. Start eating fruits more and junk food less.

4. To work on the passive-income goals.

Professional Resolutions

1. Although Salary is important, if the place provides you with the learning you want, think long term.

2. Give your 100% and be confident. You know your stuff, and if you don’t – there’s always room for learning.

3. Friendship is good, but keep it separate from work.

4. Work-Life Balance is a MUST!

These are the only promises that I want to make and keep. And I hope when I come back to this blog post, I’ll be able to cross them off and cheer myself for starting some good habits.

Well, that’s it! How about you guys? What are your New Year’s resolution?

Once again, Happy New Year guys! May 2024 be fruitful and full of joy, success and happiness!

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