My Favorite Romance Novel Podcasts [2023]

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I was never into podcasts before – I used to listen to them to improve my English-speaking skills.

Only after joining Bookstagram, I started listening to Romance Novel Podcast. I knew of Read Me Romance because of the free audiobooks they’d release every week. 

But there are so many Romance Novel Podcasts out there (and I am not sure why I was surprised) and I fell in love with them, because of the detailed reviews, their views and discussions on topics that I, as a reader, never thought about. 

These Romance Book Podcasts made me fall for the genre all over again. Whenever I listen to them, I nod half the time like yeah; you nailed it. Or I’m laughing my butt out as they describe the funnier scenes. 

If you are a Romance Book Reader, you definitely need to check out these Romance podcasts. I’ve shared some of them that I end up listening to on the weekends. 

If you have never listened to Audiobooks before, Read Me Romance is a Romance Book Podcast that brings you free and original audiobook novella every week. It is hosted by New York Times bestselling authors Alexa Riley and Tessa Bailey.

You can find novellas from some of the well-known authors in the industry as well as new authors. Lately, they have also been posting audiobook teasers. I love this podcast because I’ve found some new-to-me authors, and it also helps with the book slump or when I’m not in the mood to read. 

One of my Bookstagram friends recommended Smart Women Read Romance, and it soon became one of my favorites. I love their catchphrase – life is better with a little HEA – because that is so true!

Hosted by the Niece and aunt duo – Jessen Judice and Juliette Cross (who is also an author), they review and discuss books that they absolutely loved. So all the books in there are the ones they definitely recommend. 

They also do these minisodes which I really have fun listening to. 

The Fangover Podcast is a Paranormal and Fantasy Romance Podcast. The hosts are Stephanie from Ideally Inspired Reviews, Francesca and Suzanne from Under The Covers Book Blog.

They fangirl over things that go bump in the night (I love this tagline so much). They review and discuss Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance books – all of them are my favorite genres.

In the first season, they picked The Night Huntress series which I love! They also have these new episodes with Zodiac signs and trope specific recommendations. If you haven’t read PNR before, you should check out their episodes because they have the best picks.

Fated Mates is a romance novel podcast co-hosted by Sarah MacLean, a historical romance author, and Jen Prokop (@jenreadsromance), a romance reader and critic. They are a huge fan of Kresley Cole (whose books I’ve been meaning to read and these guys have given me plenty of reasons to now).

They review romance books and they do these interstitial episodes where they give out some great recommendations based on tropes. Their views and discussions of the Romance Genre, Feminism in these stories and other topics that relate to this industry are very interesting to hear.

Plot Trysts Podcast is hosted by Meg and Laine. They mainly review Historical Romances – which was my first ever entry into the reading game.

They have read Amanda Quick (I was so excited to see that!) and I loved their discussion about her books and heroes. I personally feel Amanda Quick/Jayne Ann Krentz is very underrated and people need to check her books out.

They have reviewed Lisa Kleypas’ books who is another of my favorite authors, and I’m planning on reading the other books to follow along with their episodes.

If you’re interested in the Historical Romance genre or looking for recommendations, definitely check them out.

I came across Heaving Bosoms when I was listening to some other podcast and that name caught my eye lol. Listening to their review of Love Hacked by Penny Reid, I knew this was going to be one of my favorites.

Erin and Melody, the hosts of this podcast, hilariously review and recap romance books with snorts, giggles, and even acting out the voices (I loved their imitation of the khui – this parasite cootie from Ruby Dixon’s series).

I love their detailed reviews, with the commentary and their own experiences and views on stuff. The comedic route they take will make you laugh out loud.

Boobies and Noobies is hosted by Kelly Reynolds. It is a Romance Book Review Podcast where Kelly talks about her Contemporary and Historical Romance Reads.

She also has this Steamy Spotlight where she interviews authors. I haven’t read a lot of the books that Kelly has read but I’ve loved listening to the interviews and am planning to read the books from her episodes to follow along!

If you’re active on Bookstagram, you’ll know Romantically Inclined as the romance meme queen.

This is a podcast ‘dedicated to promoting romance novels in all their filthy glory’.

Kate and her co-host Mikayla talk about monster dongs (majorly lol) and other smutty romance books, sub-genres, tropes, and author interviews. The one thing that I enjoyed about the podcast was the insane monster romance recommendations – potato shifter, anyone?!

Initially, Kate started off with the Romantically Inclined Podcast, and now they have a new podcast called Up the Smut Podcast.

Have you listened to any of these Romance Novel Podcasts? Do you have a recommendation? Drop a comment below!

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