Persuasion (Curse of the Gods #2) by Jaymin Eve, Jane Washington

persuasion curse of the gods jaymin eve jane washington

Title: Persuasion
Curse of the Gods #2
Jaymin Eve, Jane Washington
RH Paranormal Romance
May 30th 2017
eBook, Kindle Unlimited
Reread: Thrice


Persuasion, the second book in the Curse of the Gods series, begins back at Blesswood, where Willa, our clumsy heroine, is still tied to the Abcurses.

She is now an important part of their group. The brothers have Willa’s soul pieces, because of which she has to stay close to them. She attends classes with them and sleeps in their rooms. I loved reading about their deepening bond and friendship.

Rome, Coen, Siret, Yael and Aros are a close-knit group and they have never let another person be a part of their bond, but Willa breaks that wall and is now in the centre, cementing them as a group. 

Willa’s relationship with each of the brothers is unique and distinct. There isn’t truly a ‘relationship’ going on, the guys have a ‘pact’, which makes Willa their girl-brother (and there’s a fun sub-plot where Willa takes her revenge at being excluded out of the pact). I love the Abcurses so much, I wouldn’t mind being their pet LOL. 

Willa Knight is a character that you don’t want to miss out on. Seriously, she is such a hilarious character! I found her relatable, fun, and even though she acted stupidly sometimes, she is endearing. Here are some quotes that I can’t help but grin and picture as I type it – 

My bravery was a very fickle thing: it mostly only existed until common sense had a chance to sink in.

“I’m special,” I declared sarcastically. I actually was special, but not in a kick-the-gods-asses kind of way. More in the dropped-on-my-head-at-birth kind of way.

“Hugging is flirting?” I asked, my voice muffled against his back. “I didn’t start this. This isn’t my fault. It feels nice to touch you guys because you kidnapped my soul. I’m actually hugging my soul right now. This is a private moment. Butt out."

She isn’t at all immune to the guys’ charm.

I had strong feelings for the Abcurses, it was a fact, I needed each one of them. I needed Siret’s grin, Aros’s heat, Coen’s hardness, Rome’s gruffness, and Yael’s stubbornness.

I love the guys so much. They still have issues of sharing Willa amongst themselves, and they are so possessive about her. They bring out both her best and her chaotic sides, but they balance her out so well. 

Why I loved this book is because it still focuses on building them as this coherent group. There’s no romance, but there’s a lot of intense moments, those flirty bantering, that make you crave more of them. Their relationship is building so naturally, I am loving the anticipation of them finally getting together with her.

Talking about the plot, we understand more about the Gods, the politics, and their world. The plot expands as Willa starts developing her own powers.

After being declared as the Abcurses’ pet/property (whatever you call it), both sols and dwellers start to resent it. Even the Gods have taken an interest in Willa and have resorted to testing them in the arena where battles take place between sols to prove themselves.  

Their world is changing, Willa and her Abcurses are going to change the entire political system, and Dwellers are going to have a say about their lives. 

We still don’t know what Willa’s destiny is, but it is gonna be so damn fun to find out! It’s a brilliant read, original plotline with over-the-top characters that you’ll fall head over heels with. 


Persuasion (Curse of the Gods) Blurb:

Willa Knight: Dweller? Bad-ass? Notorious pet to five magical beings?

In Blesswood, there are rules, and someone is trying to teach her how to follow them. The only problem is Willa. Which shouldn’t be anything new, since she has been a problem since birth—something her pseudo-sister Emmy would agree on.

So it definitely shouldn’t be new … but it is.

Because things are starting to happen that have never happened before.

Things are starting to get …chaotic.

This is a full novel, 90,000 words. Book 2 of 5 in the Curse of the Gods Series

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About Jaymin Eve:

Jaymin Eve is the Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling author of paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and sci-fi novels filled with epic love stories, great adventures, and plenty of laughs. She lives in Australia with her husband, two beautiful daughters, and a couple of crazy pets. To date, she has sold over three million ebooks, and still can’t believe that she gets to create fantasy worlds as a job. 

For action, adventure, romance, and a guaranteed HEA, start one of her series today.

About Jane Washington:

Jane Washington is a Wall-Street Journal bestselling author who spends all her time writing books and then telling people not to read them.

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