Movie Review: Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful Disaster Movie 2023

Movie: Beautiful Disaster

Released Date: 12 April 2023

Based on the book: Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

Running Time: 1h 45m

Main Characters and Casts:
Travis Maddox – Dylan Sprouse
Abby Abernathy – Virginia Gardner

Where can you watch: Amazon Prime

Beautiful Disaster is based on the book of the same name by Jamie McGuire. Everyone who loved the book, including me, was impatiently waiting for the movie to be out. 

Travis Maddox is one of the beloved book boyfriends for many of us who started reading New Adult romances back in the 2010s. 

A fair warning to those who loved the book: It is not the same. 

So here’s my take on the Beautiful Disaster Film.

Please note: My review of the book and movie is solely on the materials, and not the author. 

What is the movie Beautiful Disaster about?

Beautiful Disaster is a Romantic Comedy following two people who are complete opposites: A bad boy and a good girl.

Abby Abernathy is a college freshman seeking a fresh start, determined to focus on her studies and leave her past behind.

Travis Maddox is a notorious campus bad boy known for his fighting prowess and string of one-night stands.

A string of events lead them to a bet: if Travis wins a fight, Abby becomes his roommate for a month. Or else, he abstains from sex for a month.

And does Travis win the fight? Yes, he does. 

Beautiful Disaster Film Trailer

Differences: Film vs. Book

The book and the movie do not match at all. The tonality, the main characters, everything takes a 180-degree turn. 

Here are some key differences.

Beautiful Disaster Movie vs Book:

Points Movie Book
Overall Tone Light-hearted, Comedic and Entertaining Dark, Angsty, Emotional.
Main Character - Travis A major change in Travis Maddox. He is portrayed as a fun, humorous guy. Travis is portrayed as intense, an alpha-hole, with more emotional baggage.
Romance Flirty and playful. Dark, Passionate, and intense, with a focus on overcoming personal demons.
Plot Missing a lot of key-elements that made the book intense and dark. Unlike the movie, the plot is not comedic.
Pace Fast-paced, with less focus on character development. Slow-paced with more emotional and character development.

Beautiful Disaster Film Review

As I mentioned earlier, the film takes on the most light-hearted takes on the story of Travis and Abby. It was something I hadn’t expected, and honestly, missed the angst and Travis’ alpha traits.

When Dylan was announced as Travis Maddox, I was disappointed. Travis is a larger-than-life, possessive, domineering alpha male, and the actor doesn’t possess grittiness.

However, when I watched the movie, and with its comedic turn of the plot, Dylan was a good choice.

The movie is a rom-com, so of course, a lot of intense pivotal moments in the book are not shown – the push and pull between the two, the toxic dependency, the past traumas, and their struggle to be strong.

In the movie, they are very flirty, with both acting more funnily than in the original story. It also has a happy ending. There’s a second movie following them after their marriage. 

Although disappointed, I actually had fun watching the movie. I watched it twice too, for Dylan.

Overall, I would recommend it as a one-time watch.

Watch it on Amazon Prime!

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